Tuesday, May 27, 2008

High Time to Learn Spanish

Joe Mathews, a senior fellow at the non-partisan New America Foundation, notes in a recent Washington Post opinion article that news in Spanish is more "timely, serious and civic-minded" than its English counterpart. The article's conclusion:
It's enough to make one wonder if it isn't time for our political leaders to turn off the English-language TV and encourage good citizens to learn Spanish, the language of civic-minded news.

And if you're still struggling with noticias en espaƱol, the article quotes Josh Kun, a USC communications professor, who recommends BBC News as a place to look for "better news".


James said...

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Learn Spanish said...

News may seem more civic minded, but you only find the news by ploughing through the monumental amount of space given to reporting sport! As I have found living close to Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia!

But if learning Spanish will give people a better opportunity to obtain better and more up to date news, as the poster suggests, then learn Spanish here for free, and I'll tell 'El Mundo' to expect increased readership!